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Weekly collects for Sundays in summer, beginning June 23, are included below for those who enjoy using them for personal or corporate prayer.  We are grateful for the writing ministry of Rev. William Flewelling of Proctor, WV, who provides them to us freely.

23 June 2013                                                            Luke 8:26-39
            Our God,
                        in the confrontation with despair
                                    the gift of freedom threatens all.
                        Conspire in us to greet the freedom of the lost
                                    that in your mercy we be free
                                                and life exult in victory:
                                                            Christ Jesus our Lord.
30 June 2013                                                            Luke 9:51-62
            The trek of your desire, O God,
                        leads in an awesome way.
                        The strain confronts us
                                    as there is no place to lay the head,
                                    there is no turning back,
                                    there is but your acute and present passion
                                                            in our hearts.
                        So lead us now in freedom from despair.
7 July 2013                                                   Luke 10:1-11, 16-20
            As lambs we go, O God,
                        the unprepared who bear but peace
                                    and linger on the hospitality
                                                of strangers in the flight.
                        Yet in passing through by peace
                                    thy kingdom does draw near to all
                                                and you inscribe us
                                                            in the hope of your desire.
                        All thanks to you, O God.
14 July 2013                                                           Luke 10:25-37 
            Our God of love,
                        instilling in our lives the instinct of love,
                        provide us eyes to see the one
                                    presented to us on the way
                                    that here the bathing of your love
                                                be opulent in our fresh core.
21 July 2013                                                           Luke 10:38-42
            Confronting us in wonder, Lord God,
                        you find us busy and distracted.
                        Remind us to attend the One
                                    who comes to us,
                                    the One yet buoyant on our love.
28 July 2013                                                             Luke 11:1-13
            In all of our distress, O God,
                        we hound you with anxieties
                                    and clamor after wants and wishes.
                        Let the offerings be our gift
                                    and in that harbor of your presence
                                                let us begin afresh
                                                and seek the Spirit
                                                            you will never fail to send.
4 August 2013                                                        Luke 12:13-21
            In all of our concerns, O God,
                        for balance and for right,
                        you free us from the judge
                                    and from the want to gain
                                                our satisfaction.
                        For you weave of us your own desire
                                    that we be fitted by giving,
                                                opulent by emptying in grace.
11 August 2013                                                      Luke 12:32-40
            With prudence cast aside in zeal, O God,
                        we hasten without fear
                                    to learn the richness of your kingdom.
                        Within this strange, demanding world, O Lord,
                                    prepare in us the readiness
                                                to stand the sway
                                                and joy in your delight.
18 August 2013                                                      Luke 12:49-59
            Of all we recognize, O God,
                        we are so slow to know
                                    the signs of your impending fire.
                        We dally, dawdle, fear constraint
                                    when you are standing us afresh
                                                before the world by heaven’s gate.
                        In freedom, one with all, we stand, O Lord,
                                    as yours in wonder: lead us evermore.
25 August 2013                                                      Luke 13:10-17
            In holiness, O God, we come,
                        abiding and attending to your love.
                        Reform in us propriety
                                    that we be spent on loving as we are so loved
                                    and that the loosened bonds
                                                of our despondency
                                                be cause of all delight.

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Neglected Prayers for 9/4-25

The editor regrets that in the shuffle of life the following “Collects of a Personal Sort,” artfully penned by the Rev. William Flewelling, which should be available for the future in each Sunday’s postings, were not included in recent weeks.  I’m grateful that this servant of God shares his work with the wider church, and hope that many of you will join him, as you’re able, by emailing me.  –  DC

4 September 2011                                            Matthew 18:15-20
In the name of Jesus, O God, let us gather
             that, filled with the Spirit of Christ,
                         we might stand in unity
                                     and in union with him
                                     who is our life.
             In the name of Jesus, O God, let us stand
                         to be in humility the vessels of your grace
                                     and your truth all our days.
11 September 2011                                          Matthew 18:21-35
 Forgiveness, O God, strains us,
             leads us to the limits of our patience
                         into the excess of endurance
                                     toward the boundless wonder
                                                 you plant in the heart of faith.
             Bring us to forgive
                         even the limit of arrogance and vengeance
                                     that the fullness of Jesus be known
                                                 in his own.
18 September 2011                                            Matthew 20:1-16
 Gathered, some early some late, to your vineyard, O God,
                         we end our day with a day’s wage.
             By your bounty, we are fed;
                         by your mercy, we are led
                                     into the joy of your harvest
                                     and the bliss of your delight,
                         beyond discrimination in the sheer wonder
                                     of your love in Jesus Christ.
 25 September 2011                                          Matthew 21:23-32
The bold irrelevance of authority begins
             our answer in the throes of your delight, O God.
             Begin in us the freedom
                         of heaven’s ways the lithe freedom
                         of sacred dancers in your fresh light
                                     that we may resonate
                                     the doing of the mercy and the love
                                                 that is ours in Jesus our Lord.

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