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Trinity B


May 27


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Scripture  (from the Revised Common Lectionary, with links provided by TextWeek.com – a source for thoughtful worship and preaching throughout the year):


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Isaiah 6:1-8 Psalm 29 Romans 8:12-17 John 3:1-17


Suggested Hymns from Chalice Hymnal

27-Come, thou Almighty King

4-Holy, holy, holy

22-All creatures of our God and King

409-I hunger and I thirst

395-Seed, scattered and sown

450-Lord, you give the great commission


More hymn suggestions, as well as helpful references for use of the arts in worship, are available from the United Church of Christ website.   


Hymn of the Day  from Rev. William Flewelling (© 2018, William Flewelling; All rights reserved)

On Isaiah 6:1-8


Holy, holy, holy Lord:

your glory fills creation.

Here are we: we stand in awe

to behold your sanctity.


Filling all with holiness,

granting visionary thrall,

Lord our God in majesty

greet our eyes, our hearts with awe.


Suddenly aware, we pause,

struck with our disparity.

Woe are we for we are loathe

to attest your purity.



Then the Seraphim arose,

touched the lips with holy coals,

purified our waywardness,

purged all dread, all guilt, all fear.


Thus we hear the tolling voice

asking who to send for them.

Here we are; we rise to say:

send us, Lord, upon your way.           Suggested tune: St. Bees


Dealing with the Psalm of the Day:

Since Chalice Hymnal does not provide a complete Psalter, there will be occasions when suggestions may be made for alternate Psalm use (or hymn equivalent).  A metrical version of the Psalter, for those Psalms not provided in Chalice Hymnal, is being prepared by Rev. David Chafin.  Where practical, these may be offered here as well.  You may also want to visit http://lectionarypsalms.org/   

This week:  Psalm 29 is on p. 737


Concerning the Following Items: Except where otherwise noted, items are created or adapted by the editor.  If you are aware of source notations which are missing, please bring them to his attention.  No copyright infringement is intended, but is sure to happen.


Call to Worship  

L: By the calling of God’s Holy Spirit, we gather in the name of the living Christ to worship God.

P: Surely, God is in this place and calls us to worship in spirit and in truth.

L: God’s love is for you and for all people everywhere.

P: That we may share the love and life of God the Father, may we be renewed in the refreshing Holy Spirit in the presence of the living Christ.



(adapted from John Birch, and posted on Faith and Worship. http://www.faithandworship.com/)

L: The blessing of Father, Spirit, Son, Holy Trinity, Three in One, be in our meeting and our greeting,

P: In the worship we share and the words of our prayer.

L: The blessing of Father, Spirit, Son, Holy Trinity, Three in One, be in our living and our breathing,

P: That through our hearts and our words your truth may be heard.


OR (from ministrymatters.com)

L: We stand in the presence of God, Sovereign of the Universe, Lord of Hosts! P: The whole earth is full of God’s glory! L: God’s voice peals like thunder over the waters, the deserts, the forests! P: The whole earth is full of God’s glory! L: Do you hear the angels’ loud praise and feel the shaking of the very foundations of this place? God’s presence surrounds us, fills this very place! P: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts!


OR (from On Earth as in Heaven: Praying for Peace, MCC Peace Sunday Packet 2008)

L: In a world filled with violence and war,

P: we gather together to celebrate the promise of peace.

L: In a world filled with tyranny and oppression,

P: we gather together to celebrate the promise of justice for all.

L: In a world filled with hunger and greed,

P: we gather together to celebrate the promise of plenty for all.

L: Our hope is in the name of the Almighty God,

P: the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of heaven and earth.


Invocation or Prayer of Approach  

(adapted from Arnold Ruddat  http://www.arnold.theruddats.com/)

O God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in your name we are baptized, and in your fellowship we have found our home. We cling in faith to you, Father, for having loved us and sent your Son to die for our sins. We praise you, dear Jesus, for having redeemed us from our sins by giving yourself for us. We give thanks to you, Holy Spirit, for giving us faith and leading us toward your holiness. O Triune God, graciously enable us always to believe and obey, and to worship and confess you; Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, one God, eternal and all-glorious forever.  (We pray in the spirit of Christ our Lord who taught us to pray, saying…)



O God, we ask you to pour out your spirit on us. Help us serve you more cheerfully so we can serve our brothers and sisters. Cast out everything which breaks or hinders the growing bonds of love between us. Give us the determination to make progress so that all our lives we may seek after your holy and perfect will. This we pray through Christ our Lord (who taught us to pray, “Our Father…”)



God of grace and glory, make your presence known to us as we worship this morning. Jesus our Christ, may your name be praised from the rising of the sun to the midnight hour, may your name always be honored among us. Spirit of holiness, breathe on us all and bind us in Christian love and servant hood. O God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, be known to us today. Transform our lives and our community into the image of Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray (as he taught us, saying, “Our Father…”)



You are holy, O Lord our Creator and God, giving us mercies beyond number. You are holy, O Savior Jesus Christ, loving and setting us free. You are holy, O Spirit of truth and peace, leading us in ways that are right. O holy eternal Trinity, we praise you for ever and ever. (And now we are bold to pray as our Savior Christ has taught us, “Our Father…”)


OR  (adapted from ministrymatters.com)

O Sovereign of the universe, we stand in your temple, proclaiming your splendor and majesty. You are the Holy One! We stand in your presence in awe and humility, with boldness and courage. We look and listen for your presence here today. Amen.


OR  (from ministrymatters.com) for Memorial Day

God of ages past and hope to come, we offer our gratitude for those who have gone before, we offer our hope for those yet to come. As we honor the past, help us dream of a future of love and peace. Comfort us in our sorrow. Strengthen us for the journey. Guide us on the path of justice. Help us live as your people, that others may see and remember your wisdom and truth living in us. In Christ’s name, we pray. Amen.


Pastoral Prayer – Prayers of the People – Intercessions

Almighty God, maker of all, with joy we give thanks for all your goodness. We praise you for the love which has created and sustained us to this day, and for the gift of your Christ who brings us into covenant with you and with all your people of faith. Help us to treasure your gifts and to show our thankfulness by lives wholly given to your service.


We pray for your church whom you have redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus. Give it pastors and ministers filled with your spirit, and strength to serve by the guidance of your word. Perfect it in love and in compassion, and establish it in the faith of your saints. Unite all your people that one holy church may bear witness to you and your glory.


We pray that you would move our nation toward the justice of your peace. Bless our national, state and local leaders to serve all people with integrity. Purge from us all hatred and prejudice, and build within us your love, that even in our dealings with the other nations of earth we may be servants of peace, truth and justice.


Bless our homes with the joy of your presence. Strengthen our covenants of family and of faith, that our children may grow into fullness of faith, that together we may show forth your praise in our world through deeds and words of love and compassion—especially with those who are alone and lonely.


Let your grace be seen in seed-time and harvest, in labor and business, in leisure and rest, in arts and culture of our people. May all who do work find fulfillment of their vocations, and all who are in need of work find the relief of new endeavors.


Comfort those who sorrow and are in need, sickness or adversity. Have mercy on those to whom death draws near. Bring consolation to those in mourning, and to all give your peace, for these and all our prayers we bring to you in the name of Jesus our Christ. Amen.



(adapted from Words for Worship.  Posted on the http://pilgrimwr.unitingchurch.org.au/ website)

To you, O God, be all glory, the One who visits us in three persons, the Holy Trinity of hope and love.  For there is no place which is without you, O God, and no time when you are not there. For you are the beginning and the end, the source of all that is in the wonder of universal life. And yet, you take us by the hand and lead us, as the life of Christ walks our human way and shows us that life is stronger than death.  In the Holy Spirit, we are gifted, again and again, and are called onwards toward a future in which we are surrounded with love and grace.


Hear our prayers for those of our world who do not realize the presence of your love in their lives, for those who are lonely or hurting, sick or oppressed, grieving or broken in spirit.  We pray that by our lives, we might bring into their presence an awareness of your love and your healing strength.


As we seek your guidance to be the church you have called us to be, may the power of your Spirit infuse us with the hope of fulfilling your will, and of working with you to transform your world, even as you transform our lives. May the peace that is ours in Christ Jesus be spread throughout this earth, and may your glory be shown by all that we do.  For we praise and worship you, O God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Indeed, there is no other God like you.  Amen.


Memorial Weekend Observance

Memories can be joyful and painful.   But we cannot live without them.  Let us pray for God’s grace to remember and give thanks this day.


Eternal God, help us this day to remember the unseen cloud of witnesses who compass us about:  Those who in every age and generation witnessed to their faith in life and death; those who by their courage and their sacrifice won for us and for our nation the freedom and liberty we enjoy; those who served their sisters and brothers at the cost of pain, of persecution and of death; those for whom the trumpets sounded as they passed over to the other side; those whom we have loved and who have gone to be with you, especially those of this community who now rest in your peace:

(names of those deceased to be honored)

And others we name in our hearts before you.


Help us to walk worthily of those in whose unseen presence life is lived.  Help us to have in our lives their courage in danger, their steadfastness in trial, their perseverance in difficulty; their loyalty when loyalty is costly; the love which nothing can change; their joy which nothing can take away.


O God, you have been our help in ages past, and our hope for the ages that are yet to come.  Help us in this life never to forget those who have gone before, so that in the life to come we may share their blessedness, through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


OR Memorial Weekend Reflection with Prayer

(from Grapes of Blessing – Joseph Jeter)


In 1861, Julia Ward Howe went to visit some of the federal troop encampments, and saw men sitting around the fires at night singing an old tune with some new words about “John Brown’s body lying mouldering in the grave.”  Someone there suggested she come up with some more lofty and dignified words for it.  That night, she awoke, picked up a pen and wrote the song we now know as the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  The only hymn she ever wrote.

It was written hard up against the reality of war and suffering and death.  In the first stanza, she saw the Lord “trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.”  The phrase really entered into the American consciousness as an expression for trouble, difficulty, suffering.  It fits the way many in our age feel in this country—worried, fearful, bitter, angry, sitting and sipping the juice of the grapes of wrath.

On a day like today, we cannot help but ask the same question of both our country and our faith:  At what cost was our freedom purchased.  We have been richly blessed in this country, but even more richly blessed in our faith.  As we stand before the chalice, we realize just how much it ought to be full of the juice of God’s anger for the price paid by Jesus for our freedom.  But it’s not.  It is filled with the grapes of blessing.  God has transformed the worst thing human kind ever did into a vehicle of grace.  It is hard to comprehend love that profound.  But here it is.  Poured out for you and me—our peace.

Let us now remember with thankfulness those of our immediate church family who have touched our lives and who have, in the past year, died in the faith.

(Naming and Candles)

Our parting from them is for but a little while.  They rest in the peace of God which passes all understanding.  All of you are invited to join in this celebration of eternal life by receiving the bread and wine.  Let us dedicate ourselves to the life which has no end—life which they share with us around God’s heavenly table—as we join them in lifting up the cup of blessing.


Memorial Weekend: Intercessions

Almighty God, in your eyes a nation is neither favored nor foreign.  You are the sole creator and sovereign judge of us all.  We pray that our nation would not dare approach you as if you were our patron and protector.  Yet we boldly approach you as our God and Savior, seeking the assurance of your presence and the guidance of your Spirit.  Teach us to love our land in a way that will help others love theirs.  Lead us in the knowledge that love of country can coexist with love for the world.


We pray for your world and its peoples.  Especially we lift to you those who are in need, those who are suffering, those whose lives are subject to the whims of others.  Those people are not just in far-away places, but are ever so near.


We pray for the sick and the dying, for those whose lives are filled with hope at the promise of healing and wholeness, and for those who feel cut off from all promise.  With gratitude, we trust your promises, And we hold before you those whose lives are closely linked with our own, and our own needs…


Take our prayers for greatness, O God, and turn them into prayers for goodness.  Take our prayers for success and turn them into prayers of service.  So that we in all things might glorify you our sovereign God, even as we honor you in Christ, in whose name we pray.  Amen.


Prayers from Common Worship*



Almighty and everlasting God,

you have given us your servants grace,

by the confession of a true faith,

to acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity

and in the power of the divine majesty to worship the Unity:

keep us steadfast in this faith,

that we may evermore be defended from all adversities;

through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


Post Communion


Almighty and eternal God,

you have revealed yourself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

and live and reign in the perfect unity of love:

hold us firm in this faith,

that we may know you in all your ways

and evermore rejoice in your eternal glory,

who are three Persons yet one God,

now and for ever.


Additional Collect


Holy God,

faithful and unchanging:

enlarge our minds with the knowledge of your truth,

and draw us more deeply into the mystery of your love,

that we may truly worship you,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


Collect of the Day (from Book of Common Prayer, 1979**)

Almighty and everlasting God, you have given to us

your servants grace, by the confession of a true faith, to

acknowledge the glory of the eternal Trinity, and in the

power of your divine Majesty to worship the Unity: Keep

us steadfast in this faith and worship, and bring us at last to

see you in your one and eternal glory, O Father; who with

the Son and the Holy Spirit live and reign, one God, for ever

and ever.  Amen.


Collect of the Day  from Rev. William Flewelling (© 2018, William Flewelling; All rights reserved)

John 3:1-17


By Spirit, O God, we find our life;

your given Spirit lures us unto joy.

Begin our lively wonder in your gifts

that we may stir with life sublime,

gaze to the lifted Lord,

and know your gracious hand

that snatches us to living joy.


Service of Table  

While all of our congregations navigate the Sacred Board in a different way, it seems, there are common elements in most, which are provided here.  We would love to hear if your congregation has variations to these elements which we might address in the future. 


Offertory / Invitation to Give

All good things come from God, the giver of life. We are called as stewards of God’s gifts to share in fulfillment of God’s purposes for creation. As stewards of the kingdom of God, let us give from our abundance with thanksgiving.


Offertory Prayer

In these gifts, O God, we acclaim you as our Lord. May they be useful to you in bringing your kingdom into full flower through the ministries of your church, we pray in Christ’s name.



Holy one, your heart abounds with gifts. Receive this offering as a sign of our trust in you and our intention to live surrounded by your mercy, inspired by your Spirit, open to the joy of your presence, hospitable to one another, and generous toward your world.


Invitation to the Table

As the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters, God created the world and called it good. God breathed life into humans, each made in God’s image, and called them good as well.  God so loved us, in fact, that when we failed to stay in communion with God, the Son was sent into the world, so that all of us might find life abundant.  As we give thanks today for the gift of life, and for God’s sustaining presence in it, we have the opportunity to offer up ourselves to God afresh, and open our lives to the movement of God’s Spirit among us, so that we may be re-created to be what God has seen in us all along – truly good, and signs of God’s love for the whole world.



It is into the name of the Holy Trinity that each of us are baptized.  And it is in the confession of God’s saving power in our lives that we continue to live in God’s presence.  At this holy Table, we again affirm that Jesus, the Son of God, is indeed the Messiah and Lord, and it is only in the power of the Holy Spirit that we can make that affirmation.  This is God’s feast, now, prepared for you and for all people; a feast of good things, a feast of peace. Come and taste. Eat and be filled. Drink deep and never thirst again.



Prayer of Thanksgiving (Prayers for Bread and Cup)

(The following may be offered as one prayer, or broken between two Elders, if that is the tradition to be followed)

Almighty God, as your Spirit moved upon the face of the waters, you have created the world and called it good. As you breathed life into human beings, you made each of us in your image. In the fullness of time, you sent your Son into the world that all the world might find life and life abundant in his fellowship. As we give thanks to you for the gift of life, and your sustaining presence in all of it, we offer up these gifts of bread and wine along with our very selves, that your Spirit might come upon them and upon us, that they may be for us the body and blood of your Son Jesus Christ, who living perfectly in your image offered himself up for us all. Through this breaking of bread and drinking of cup, may we who love you be conformed to his likeness, to follow you in the days which lie before us as creative, life-giving signs of your sustaining presence in our world.



  1. Eternal God, you make yourself known to us in three Persons, yet bound together in one perfect communion of love. As we break this bread, may we come to a more perfect awareness of the unity of the Church you have called together as one through your Son Jesus Christ.
  2. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us, gracious Lord, and upon these gifts of bread and wine. May we who drink from the cup Christ has offered be united with you and united with each other in the one body of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Conclusion:  Through him, with him, and in him, in the power of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor be to you, O God, now and forever. Amen.

If not previously offered: “And now with the confidence of your children, we offer the prayer our Savior taught us, ‘Our Father…’



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Rev. Tim Graves offers Liturgy Bits with valuable, culturally sensitive and creatively contemplative works, well worth your time.

You may also want to visit Worship Connection at MinistryMatters.com, which offers numerous helps, including electronic versions of print resources for worship and preaching planning.

Intercessions and other helpful planning materials geared to the Lectionary (using Roman Catholic version, but normally quite useful for all traditions) for preaching and worship are supplied for several weeks in advance at The Sunday Website of St. Louis University. 


Common Worship Almanac and Lectionary for the year beginning Advent Sunday 2017.  Compiled by Simon Kershaw August 2016 from the Common Worship Calendar and Lectionaries using Almanac Maker; compilation © Simon Kershaw 2017; Almanac Maker © Simon Kershaw 2010.   The Revised Common Lectionary is copyright © the Consultation on Common Texts 1992.  The Daily Eucharistic Lectionary is adapted from the Ordo Lectionum Missae of the Roman Catholic Church reproduced by permission of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.  Adaptations and additions to the RCL and the DEL, together with Second and Third Service lectionaries and the Weekday Lectionary for Morning and Evening Prayer are copyright © the Archbishops’ Council 1997-2010.   http://almanac.oremus.org/lectionary


Book of Common Prayer (1979), Public domain.


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