The life of the Church of Jesus Christ is born from, lodged in, and renewed by its liturgy.   There are numerous ways in which the Church “finds itself” and finds expression of its self in the rhythms of the year, the movements of the liturgy, the receiving of the sacraments, the signs and acts of devotion and “sacramentals,” and the outpouring of arts and crafts surrounding them.

It is hoped that this site will serve to strengthen the congregations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in West Virginia and our sisters and brothers in faith throughout the ecumenical Church with engaging articles, links to tools for worship and the arts from other people and places, and some original (and freshly repurposed) expressions of liturgical  that might help folks in the parish with growing the Church’s life in litury.  Where you see room for improvement in those areas, please let me know.  This is a work in progress that promises to have no reasonable end.

I look forward to serving you in Christ,

David Chafin, Curator/Editor

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